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Interior Design

Create the home of your dreams, whether moving in, renovating, or doing a one-day make-over.

staging to sell

Home staging

Sell your home in less time and for more money. Staging a home creates a better impression, looks more expensive, and gives buyers a sense of what furniture will fit and ideas for room arrangements

serenity, peacefulness, relaxed

Feng shui

Experience better health, financial success, and an overall sense of well-being after a Feng Shui consultation. 

About Us


a little bit of red is a smaller business that can take care of your big needs. Our personal attention to the little details is what sets us apart. When you walk into a home staged by us, you can tell the difference. When you take advantage of our decorating expertise, it results in a comfortable, practical, beautiful home. When you call us for a Feng Shui consultation, you will discover that we are down-to-earth, and explain why changes need to be made in your home or office. We care about you and your own particular situation and needs.

Now, about a little bit of red's owner:

Mary Abella has been beautifying Metropolitan Indianapolis homes since 2005. In that time, she has had her staged homes sell to the first, second, and third buyers coming to see them. Her homes have sold in 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 19 days,  a couple of them just a few days before Christmas! Interior decorating clients have sat in their newly changed rooms and let out a sigh of approval and enjoyment. Feng Shui clients have found greater peace and joy in their balanced and energetically-improved environment. 

Mary matter-of-factly states that, “If you want a cookie-cutter look,you can  call somebody else.” She and her company proudly provide unique, one-of-a-kind designs. They incorporate “lifestyle” staging techniques that install little touches that connect with the target buyers for that particular home. Their vacant stagings include interesting and unusual accessories that are remembered, such as a Money magazine on the desk, or a baseball and bat by the back door. When providing decorating services, Mary draws from a wide array of suppliers, from antique malls to boutique shops to national online stores. She even picks up pieces of interest during her travels that she often incorporates in her designs.

a little bit of red has a quick turnover time, finishing the job quickly while providing a quality product. 

Its services include

Home Staging

· Consultations with detailed notes as to what to do

· Coming back and tweaking after the major work has been done.

· Actually coming in and editing and rearranging furniture, editing and reassigning decorative accessories, and hauling away unwanted items, to be donated or recycled

· Partial importing of accessories or furnishings to polish the presentation

· Complete vacant stagings, using items from a warehouse brimming with furniture, rugs, lamps, linens, artwork, and accessories

One-day makeovers

· a little bit of red will use what you already have to create a whole new look in one or more rooms, by “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.” At the end, if a few items are needed, clients can either choose to purchase them or Mary will shop for and install them.

· a little bit of red may bring in some items from the warehouse initially, to be worked into the design

Interior decorating

· Paint color consultations

· Furniture selection

· Window coverings

· Flooring

· Accessorizing

· Floor plans

  Organizational help

· Assistance with purging unneeded items and organizing the rest

· Figuring out solutions for storage problems

· Arranging for disposal of excess “stuff”

Senior downsizing

· Helping seniors prepare to move to smaller spaces through assessing what will be needed and what needs to be parted with

· Figuring out ways to value sentimental things without necessarily keeping all of them

· Assisting with disposing of excess items, whether selling, donating, giving away, or recycling

Floor plans/blueprints

· Creates birds-eye and elevation drawings for interior design planning

· Creates floor plans to see if your things will fit into the home you are considering buying

· Will check blueprints of the home you are building to make sure doors open the right way, light switches are in good positions, and that kitchens and bathrooms will function well.

Feng Shui consultations

· Balance of elements

· Best sleeping/eating/working directions

· Bagua considerations for garden/house/rooms

· Checking for Shar Chi problems

· Creating a flow of energy throughout the home

· Advice on whether the home you are considering buying has some blatant Feng Shui issues

Owner's training
    Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)
    RESA Advanced-staging class with HGTV's Matthew Finlanson as instructor
    Certificate of decorating
    Drawing for design education
    Trained under Suzee Miller of fengshuiparadigms and Steven Kodad

    Fifteen (15) years doing business as
a little bit of red Interior RE-design.
    Appeared on Channel 6 in a two-part series on home staging.     
    Has written decorating articles for About.com
    Has taught decorating, staging, and Feng Shui for decorating classes at IUPUI in its continuing education program. 

Personal information

Married, the mother of five, grandmother of 12.

Hobbies: Walking, biking, attending festivals and cultural events, traveling, learning the  language of the country she is visiting

Volunteer: St. Jude Church, Catholic Charities’ Christmas Store, mentor to a woman who has gone through a special program and wants to improve her life.

Some of the people who've been helped by a little bit of red:

An elderly couple needed to sell quickly. Their condo in Pennsylvania was almost completed. After trying to prepare their home on their own at a snail's pace, a little bit of red came in and packed 30 boxes of books and 10 boxes of accessories and stacked them in the basement, edited and rearranged the furniture, and added some updated artwork and accessories. The home sold in 12 days.

A seller sold her home and needed to quickly get rid of the remainder of her furnishings that she couldn't use. a little bit of red bought some of the furniture and removed it and all the rest of the pieces. The leftovers were sold at a garage sale, which paid for her moving expenses. The house closed on time.

A decorating client had some furniture and accessories left over after the re-do. a little bit of red loaded them into her car and took them to Catholic Charities' Refugee Resettlement warehouse, and then dropped off the things they couldn't use at Goodwill.

One client, who had moved out of state for a job, needed to sell her home. The Realtor tried to get a fair amount for the home, but the neighborhood didn't support it. The price has been reduced. The seller had family medical bills to pay and couldn't keep up the staging rent, but a little bit of red left the gold sheers on the windows to provide a warm glow to the living room, and left the complimentary wreath on the door, the doormat, and two potted silk plants on either side to give the home curb appeal. They were picked up when the home sold.

When a decorating client needed to get rid of excess furniture, a little bit of red took pictures and loaded them on Craigslist for her. They sold quickly.

We at a little bit of red care about our clients. We go the extra mile to make the staging,  decorating, or Feng Shui experience pleasant and as pain-free as possible.



“Dependable, professional, great talent, easy to work with.” 

~Dean Glascock, FC Tucker

"Mary does a fantastic job. I'm a real estate agent and she has staged several of my listings. Just this week, I had a listing that has been on the market two months with two low offers. She staged it and it looked FANTASTIC. We got a full price offer the very next day. Staging does work and Mary is very affordable but does a great job!

~Becky Gluff 

HomeSmart Realty

"The R's house looks terrific! I so appreciate your good ideas and all your hard work to stage this home. We've had nothing but good feedback, and I'm hoping for an accepted offer soon."

~Audrey Smith,

FC Tucker Company

"Thank you so much for all the help in decorating our new home! Your assistance in developing color schemes, selecting fabrics, making wall covers and runners, and selecting appointments aligned very well with our tastes and resulted in a traditional style, yet stunning look to our home."

~Pat and Elain Jerrell


"Thanks for all you've done. The house looks great, shows very well. I had a Broker's Open House this week and got positive reviews."

~Sara Benning


"I cannot describe how much impact you have had in my life in the few short months that I have known you. You have not only given me a beautiful surrounding to live in, but also a wonderful friendship that I cherish.

~Stacey Cordova


"Knowledgeable. efficient. great advice. makes a world of difference" 

~ Pegg Kennedy, F. C. Tucker

Do vacants sell much slower than occupieds?

While this is not a scientific study, I have come to realize that vacant homes are on the market much, much longer than occupieds. 

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