“I cannot describe how much impact you have had in my life in the few short months that I have known you. You have not only given me a beautiful surrounding  to live in, but also a wonderful friendship that I cherish.”

~Stacey Cordova

Feng Shui

Many people do not understand Feng Shui. They think it is superstitious, a religious belief, or a philosophy. It is none of these. It is about energy. We all believe in electricity, even though we cannot see it. But we can see—or feel—its results. We all believe in gravity, even though we cannot see it, only its results. Energy is actually all arou
nd us—and in us. Everything is made of atoms, and as we learned in high school chemistry, there is a lot of energy in atoms! Feng Shui is about harnessing that energy to enhance the quality of our living

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese studied the effects of energy, and saw some regularities in how it performed. They realized that, if certain conditions were present that favored energy, people were healthier, felt balanced, and prospered. When conditions were unfavorable, things did not go so well. 
There are many “schools” of Feng Shui, some more complicated than others. Some consultants, like me, draw from several of the schools.

I refer to some teachings from the
Traditional(Compass),Western,and Eight Mansions schools. I have found that, often the“hocus  pocus”sounding beliefs actually are based in common sense principles. Such as the teaching that you should never place a mirror (like on a dresser) across from the bottom of the bed because there is too much chi (energy) bouncing off of it. That may well be, but also, think about it: If you sit up in bed in the middle of the night and vaguely see a person looking at you (yourself), you could be scared to death! Feng Shui is about creating a feeling of security and beauty. When I come and balance the elements and the furnishings in a house and help owners clear their space, my clients often go, “Ah-h-h!” It just feels good to live in a home that has beneficial Feng Sui.


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